Protecting you, your loved ones and your business in the event of ill-health or death is the foundation of any robust financial plan. It buys you peace of mind.

It is a complex area where different products address different needs.

Term Assurance

Brings certainty that liabilities such as mortgage or school fees are covered if you die.

Family income benefit

Ensures that your loved ones still have the income they need if you’re no longer around.

Income protection

Provides you and the family with an income if you’re off work due to long-term ill health.

Business Protection

Helps to keep the show on the road in the event of your death, providing support for your family, business partners, shareholders and colleagues.

Whole of life

Makes sure more of your estate passes to the people you would wish to benefit from it.

Sleep easier at night, sure in the knowledge you have the appropriate protection plans in place, and the right amount of cover.