The Garrulous Jay – Welcome!

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Welcome to The Garrulous Jay, a new weekly blog from George Shippam Financial Planning, which we hope you will find informative, educational and entertaining.

The blog post takes its name from the bird featured in our new brand logo, about which more below.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback, so if anything you read in the coming weeks pricks your curiosity please feel free to get in touch. Equally, if you have any ideas for areas you would like to see us address, let us know and we’ll do our best to incorporate these too.
Those of you who follow me on LinkedIn will already be familiar with our new logo, but for those who don’t we thought an explanation might be in order this week.

Our logo is a Eurasian Jay (Latin name Garrulus Glandarius) holding an acorn in its beak. We believe this colourful member of the crow family and the seed it holds encapsulate our values.

The Jay is a highly industrious bird: it can plant as many as 7,500 carefully selected acorns a month. It plans ahead with care and works relentlessly towards ensuring its future security and well-being. In the process it inadvertently propagates one of Great Britian’s most iconic trees.

The expression, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”, is well-known. For us this represents the importance of planning for the long term, and of building strength and security.

A little bit like the Jay, at George Shippam Financial Planning we seek to build thoughtful financial plans for our clients that will deliver on their goals and aspirations over the long-term.

Next week’s Garrulous Jay: Are You  A Cynic?